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Blazing brave win! Remember September start of the General Assembly

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  September, what is it? Mostly considered the harvest season, is a fruitful time. Yes, despite the market downturn this year, but fortunately, we have a new harvest every month!

  This year's September abnormal rainy, look, one door in Dousou body, raindrops head will roll up their trousers down and then wipe the shoes. This is Yibai human spirit, regardless of the storm remains unshakeable in early open our wonderful month.

  The early moderator, co-chaired respectively by the clerk from the new Fan Zone He Yongwei and eight benefits of regional sales representatives Tommy, under their leadership, recalled the August job outstanding individual and team together, are as follows:

  First, excellent staff

  Jiujiang District Sales Representative - Luo Peng (Du Xuesong generation) (second from left)

  The colleagues in August 2015 work by telephone, micro-letters and other means of communication to follow up customers visit every day, every day gains, both transactions, as, as the store business, in August only through this work, which amounts to sales 4 million yuan. Meanwhile, the enthusiasm of my colleagues work every day also organized colleagues organize, supply a sample database, to ensure that the customers can get the goods quickly and accurately, improving customer satisfaction. In view of the excellent work tables, especially named outstanding employees, a form of encouragement!

  Financial Accounting Department - Zhou Xing (third from left)

  The colleagues in the August job performance of the more prominent: in addition to their own jobs to do their work, but also actively involved in the accounting treatment discussed common products subcontract mill, propose effective recommendations for optimizing treatment processes and provide the basis for proper accounting; use their work experience to assist the management to do the accounting treatment of accounting Zhang Tao, Zhang Tao improve the accuracy of management's accounting treatment; and to take the initiative to actively cooperate with other colleagues to complete the related work. Laid named outstanding employees, a form of encouragement!

  Maintenance Center Maintenance Technician - Cai Jun (right)

  The colleagues proactive guide in August learning sector employees work in the new process of the various production processes, and without reservation to teach a variety of CNC front corner of the machine operating essentials, so new employees can quickly integrate into the team, fast-growing, independent skilled operating a variety of CNC machines and point of shipment before the corner, receiving, grinding, shipping and other processes, so that sector of the production, delivery is still orderly operation in the case of staff mobility. There is a good tradition have more good employees, especially as the excellent staff this month, for encouragement, hope keep it up!

  Second, the outstanding director

  August the sector a lack of post market salesman, taking into account the sector's future development, there is no differentiation customer service clerk to other lines, but the initiative undertaken by the department manager from the clerk of the work, but also to ensure that other sectors open and orderly development work. Assist new customers to visit 15 to reach six new customer transactions in the sector management, and actively cooperate with relevant departments in response to the work, adhere to the work of the group in exchange department, reporting. Laid named outstanding director for encouragement!

  Third, the outstanding team

  The department stores in August colleagues in training, every day of their training and assessment, training constantly combine their progress and needs to adjust their respective positions, relevant expertise so that they can quickly grasp, while the company constantly introduced, so that they learn more about the company's corporate culture and working atmosphere, to give them the morning meeting, weekly meetings, corporate events and other platforms exercise, in addition, also for various dinners and other activities organized by the trainees, so that they Yibai faster integration into the community and feel the warmth here. Secondly, the department in the company's diamond strategic objectives, proactive promotion of diamond products to all offices and dealers and retail customers, the successful completion of sales offices and a total of 155 e-commerce customers. In terms of receivables is also actively trying to recover funds more than 240 million.

  Fourth, the sales champion team:

  The department in August sales work, hard work, topped the list, especially as August sales champion team, a form of encouragement! Hope keep it up! To new heights!

  The department under the leadership of Zhang Zhang, has won a plurality of the month sales champion, is really a proud achievement, it is a company proud of the team!

  Five birthday staff

  Beautiful gift box inside the company for each employee carries deep blessing, but also to each employee family birthday deepest respect, we are grateful to join your Thanksgiving family members quietly pay, colleagues in this wish a happy birthday and good luck , fun!

  Six special products sales incentives:

  Market demand, product updates, to speed up the flow for better customer feedback, the company special to the portion of the goods as special sales and incentives to promote active sales staff. Look, look at their music!

  Seven, Diamond sales awards:

  Diamond is another outstanding project company, its quality stability has been recognized by a number of large customers (such as: double tiger, gold billion, Jinhu, good scenery furniture, Derbyshire cabinets, custom closet attachment ......), the product the life of a top 30, and its cost has also a significant reduction in customers' costs and sales prices can do absolute advantage!

  In response to the company's strategy, see, they count the money thanks to a hand cramp!

  This year can be heard everywhere, "not to do business", "** the company laid off", "lower wages in disguise", to be heard, and tools necessary to become Yibai in this headwind that a sail. Because we have our own R & D team, has the absolute advantage of product, there are courageously to promote sales of the elite, has a well-established management teams, we are afraid of what, let the storm to the more violent it, we have done against the ready!

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