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Daily Meeting at YIBAI TOOLS

Number of visits: Date:2016-12-13 10:58:44
“Attention! At ease! ” The daily meeting of YIBAI TOOLS was beginning with a resonant voice’s breaking the somnolence of sleepy-eyed commuters. A well-experienced workmate shared his professional knowledge on those advanced tools in front of YIBAI SALES TEAM. Talking about the Knowledge or personal experience, it could be new or very specific area but just like the meeting on 13 December, Jason WU was giving a speech on Tenoner Cutter. Every team member got together talking and discussing with no accidie, all trying to make the team be filled with dynamic and top-notch atmosphere.  This is us: YIBAI TOOLS Serves the world!
                                                          Dec.13, 2016
                                                          By-Lanlan LI
                                                 International sales team

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